A journey of two brothers and the game of chance is how Attitudes first came into existence. It was early 2003 when, the younger of the two siblings, Paritosh took a loan to pursue his education in the United Kingdom. However, as the import-export landscape seemed rife with opportunities, his inclination toward starting a business prompted him to put his education aside to embark on an entrepreneurial expedition.

Initially, the relentless dialing of numbers from the Yellow Pages led to a few incidental interactions with importers across the UK. His efforts toward finding opportunities were, however, brushed off by many. As the hunt for work turned bleak, he was struck with the epiphany of exporting furniture from his home country, India.

He found himself on a flight back to partner with his brother, Priyank. The duo, in pursuit of furniture makers, strode across the bustling streets of crafts districts for six months. On a sweltering day, at the doorstep of an artisan’s workshop, they realised that the thought of exporting hand–made leather furniture was indeed a promising one.

Soon, unaware of the month-long endeavour that was to come, the brothers took off with hefty samples of furniture, on a one-way ticket to the UK. As they toured from city to city, their perseverance had landed them two orders that paid for their return home. It was yet another play against the odds when, a week later, Priyank’s instincts to invest their limited funds into an exhibition, paid off as they had got thrice as many orders in hand.

After a decade and a half of exporting leather furniture across 17 countries, from Germany to Japan, the sibling duo sensed the urge to explore uncharted territory in the world of design. Their search for an ingenious idea motivated a deep dive into the often overlooked yet essential element in the designing of a home: The Dressing Room.

A couple of work trips, hours of discussions and months of R&D later, the two partners brought together a team of talented and innovative individuals to conceptualise, not mere rooms, but immersive and experiential suites that go beyond functionality. In 2o19, their brainchild, Attitudes was revived with the passion and know-how to epitomise each facet of a dressing space that breathes life into the ritual of ‘dressing up.’